Experiencing Problems With Your Electrics In Christchurch?

Sparking plugs are a danger to you and your family. So don’t put your family at risk when you see that you need emergency electrical repairs. If you are experiencing problems with your electrics in Christchurch, don’t hesitate to contact Aspire Electrical straight away on 01202 485742, and one of our team will come to your location immediately.

What are the signs you have an electrics problem in Christchurch?Experiencing Problems with Your Electrics in Christchurch?

Over time, the electrics in your properties will be prone to faults. When your electrics haven’t been fitted properly or fuse box is outdated, you may experience some of the following signs that suggest you have an electrics problem in Christchurch:

  • Burning odours
  • Faulty switches and outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Hot lights
  • Plug sparking
  • Sudden blackouts

Have you noticed any of the signs above? If you have, then you need one of our electricians to solve your problems with our electrical services in Christchurch.

Our Christchurch local electrical services

Are you worried about your electrical problems? We have a full range of electrical services that will remedy your electrical problem immediately including:


One of the main conclusions we have discovered when you have a problem with your electrics in Christchurch is that your appliances need rewiring. At Aspire Electrical, one of our electricians will inspect your property and carry out the necessary rewiring that is required on your property.

New fuse board fittings

The fuse board is the hub of all of your electrics, so when you notice a problem affecting your home, then this is the first place we will look. Most houses that experience these problems will have an outdated fuse board. When you choose Aspire Electrical, we will replace your old outlets with a brand new and reliable electrical circuit.

Testing and inspection

Your electrics should be checked and inspected on a constant basis. If you don’t, you will be putting yourself and others at risk of fire and costly property damage. By getting your property inspected by one of our qualified electricians, you will be preventing any problems occurring in the new future.

Smoke detector installations

So that you never have the risk of not knowing when a spark has ignited from your electrics, we will install top of the range, updated smoke detectors. Our smoke detectors ensure that your property is completely protected even in the worst case scenario of a fire.

Read the full and extensive list of our electrical services at Aspire Electrical.

Why choose Aspire Electrical?

As one of the most recommended electrical services in Christchurch and as a member of Check-a-Trade, we guarantee that when you choose Aspire Electrical you will be given a superb solution to your electrical problems in Christchurch. In every project we will provide the following features:

  • Best value price
  • Electricians qualified to NICEIC standards
  • Free advice and quotes
  • Huge range of electrical services
  • Electrical repairs

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Get in touch with Aspire Electrical at the first sign that there is a problem with your electrics in Christchurch. Call us on 01202 485742 or directly on 07753 681187.